With over 2.3 million residents within a seven mile radius, SkyMark is located in New Jersey’s most populous county and one of the nation’s highest income counties per capita. In addition, the site is located just south of Paramus which has  become the top retail zip code in the United States, with the municipality generating over $5 billion in annual retail sales.

Overall demographics represent a family oriented population of professionals that is a combination of the moderately and very affluent.

The primary trade area encompasses visitors who will travel to SkyMark from within a ten to fiteen minute drive. The secondary trade area has a wider reach and includes both the primary trade area as well as extending to an approximate thirty minute drive time. In addition, a tertiary market presents itself that looks to take advantage of New Jersey’s lack of taxes on clothing, as well as an overall lower tax rate.

SkyMark will draw upon those secondary and tertiary visitors who are already shopping in the area, but are more likely to visit this unique    Live, Work, Shop, and Play environment.......
2012 Market Profile
  1 Mile 3 Mile 5 Mile 7 Mile
Population 23,661  205,359  782,594  2,368,107 
Households 9,438  84,281  303,915  951,907 
Household Size 2.5  2.4  2.5  2.4 
Median Household Income $72,168  $75,261  $64,574  $57,081 
Average Household Income $91,893  $104,616  $99,685  $109,852 
Total Daytime Population 20,138  231,025  760,402  2,154,382 
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SkyMark Development Company